Signs Your Wife Is Having an Affair - How Do You Know If Your Wife Is Sleeping With Someone Else?

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Published: 20th January 2011
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Are you looking for signs your wife is having an affair? A married couple who has had peaceful life style for years, may suddenly start finding faults with each other. Slowly it may become that you and your wife can't even stay in the same room without having a brawl or two seemingly without reason.

Unfortunately, this is just part of marriage. Every now and then there may be days, weeks, or even months where we just can't stand to be around our better halves.

This is just part of marriage, but many times your wife won't take things as well as you. She'll do things to arouse your suspicion, and suddenly you're in need of the signs your wife is having an affair.

Things in the house suddenly changing

A new sofa set has to be ordered, or a new bigger kitchen table. Heck, maybe even a new bed!

All because your wife is bringing someone over to your house, and they want to have an impressive living situation. An outside person might find the old cough ugly to sit upon, or may complain that the bed is too small.

Sign #1 - The Younger Guy Fascination

This is one of the worst signs your wife is having an affair that you can find...All because the younger men are working against you.

Yes the young guy has eyes. He is perceptive enough to know that an older woman finds him attractive. He knows that the placid woman finds the placid life boring, and she wants to go for a fling before she actually takes to being an old middle aged woman.

Chirpy wife, extra energetic wife, fanciful dishes on the dining table and lot of useless talking at dinner time are all signs to a wife going out for a an extra marital affair under the husband's very nose.

Sign #2 - And Then There's the Travelling...

This is perhaps the most common of all signs your wife is having an affair...The business trip.

A trip to another city changes it all. If your wife who has been away from the house for few days, comes back and finds herself a new woman, then this is one of the biggest signs that your wife is having an affair.

Suddenly your wife may be more responsive in bed, or eager to do everything and anything. It may seem like a new sexual beast has awoken inside her. Her trip abroad has given her the time to explore her options.

Don't be the guy who's too busy deciding whether to suspect your wife or not while she's just waiting for another of those trips!

So What Do You Do?

The best thing you can do right now is get COLD BLOODED PROOF of an affair. No longer are simple signs your wife is having an affair going to cut it. We need more than that.

Luckily, even though I'm out of room here, I can tell you the best places to learn more about catching affairs...First check out:

5 Steps to Catching an Affair - The C.A.T.C.H. Affair Action Plan

Don't worry, it's free!

Alternatively, if you're really not into any "action plans" or anything like that, then I'll instead recommend you to an associate of mine who specializes in the catching and weeding out of infidelity and extramarital relationships.

Calling All Husbands! This is For You! - Signs Your Wife is Cheating

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