How to Catch Your Wife Cheating - Top 3 Signs that Your Wife is Secretly Being Unfaithful

Published: 04th February 2011
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Are you suspicious that your wife is cheating on you?

Do you want to know the signs of an unfaithful wife that point towards a guilty conscience and a guiltier affair?

By the time you've finished reading this article you'll know:

1. When your wife's desire for 'alone time' can indicate cheating

2. When she's most likely to cheat on you

3. Why nostalgia is one of the biggest signs of her cheating (Don't miss this one!)

Just keep on reading for more information! Getting the proof you're looking for is only a few steps away.

Top 3 Signs that Your Wife is Cheating on You

I understand how difficult it can be going through an affair...However, you don't have to continue wondering about the status of your wife's faithfulness...If you want to find out what she's doing behind your back, you can do that. As they say, where there's a will, there's a way.

Sign #1) She Suddenly has a Desire for 'Alone Time'

One of the most prominent signs that your wife could be cheating on you is her desire to spend time with you. Think about your past relationship...Has she often wanted to have time to herself?

Let me ask you another question: If your wife has exhibited any sudden changes in how distant she seems to be, when did it happen?

It's true that your wife might just be going through stress and want time alone, or emotional distance can indicate other problems in a relationship. However, if you've ever noticed this particular sign, make sure that you keep note of her behavior. There could be something you don't know.

Sign #2) She Suddenly Stays Out Later with Friends

It doesn't really matter what excuse she gives you...It could be 'friends' or it could be 'work', but the fact of the matter is that your wife is spending more time away from home, or away from where she normally is.

One thing that every affair has in common is the need for time...If your wife is seeing another man, then she's going to have to make time for the affair. That time will have to come from somewhere. Who knows, she may be sneaking out right underneath your nose!

Sign #3) She Goes Through a Nostalgiac Phase

Many times an affair is triggered by a mid-life-crisis-like event. For some reason or another, your wife has become bored with her life, or disappointed in some aspect of where she is compared to where she dreamt of being at her age.

Perhaps she feels that she deserves more, I can't really say what the exact reason is. The point is that she's reflecting on her PAST, and therefore you're likely to see signs of this.

Watch out for any talk of college or high school, or of past dreams or stuff like that. You'll be surprised at what you pick up on.

How to Get Cold Hard Proof of Your Wife Cheating

As I'm sure you've realized by now, the only real step you have left to take is to actually get REAL proof of your wife cheating on you.

No matter how sure of it you are, it won't do you any good to confront your spouse until you have something that will hold up in court. The reason for this is that you simply have no idea of anticipating her reaction to the confrontation. Either way you spin it, though, it pays to be the one with court-worthy proof.

So, how exactly can you catch your wife being unfaithful? How do you confirm your suspicions?

Well, it's actually probably easier than you think.

If you're tired of wondering whether or not your wife is seeing another man behind your back, then take some time to visit my website and learn exactly how to catch your spouse cheating on you. I'll tell you everything you need to know, from how you can monitor her activities behind your back, to what behavior signs indicate cheating.

Calling All Suspicious Husbands! Now is the Time to Catch Your Wife Cheating On You

You can claim the power, or you can continue to not know the truth. Your choice.

Either way you choose, I wish you luck and thanks for reading!

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